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My name is Courtney. I'm a twenty-three year old book review blogger from Eastern Kentucky. I had always wanted to start a blog, but it was not until April 2019 that I began to take it seriously enough to create one. I had previously owned a blog on this platform titled, Dog-Eared Days of Summer which I eventually moved over to Wordpress.
The blog was going great and had incredible statistics, but I started growing tired of the platform and was not longer inspired to create new content; it is then that I decided to start a second blog and return to Blogger. I've not regretted my decision, nor looked back! My old website has even been closed!

With this blog, I'm hoping to inspire other individuals that stumble across my site to look into some of the books that I have shared my thoughts on and encourage others to pick up the hobby of reading. Reading is an amazing escape and can be so beneficial for others; I would love to get others on board and help provide them a fun, educational form of self-care!

I always enjoy making new book-friends and chatting with others about books! If you would like a recommendation, thoughts on a certain book, or any other type of bookish advice feel free to reach out to me! 😊

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