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Monday, September 28, 2020

Author Interview with Gabriela Martins


Q: What made you decide to write a book?

A: I was inspired to write LIKE A LOVE SONG at a time when things weren't looking particularly good for me. It was a source of positivity and warmth when I couldn't find a lot of it outside of writing. I ended up falling in love with Nati, William, and their world, and I hope many more can feel hugged by this project as well!

Q: How was the writing process for you?

A: For this specific book, it was rather smooth! I drafted the whole thing in about a month, revised it by myself for around one more, and once I had an agent, we revised for four months together. 

Q: Did you face a lot of rejection along the way to publication? How did it impact you emotionally?

A: I'd been querying for about a decade, so yes, lots of rejection! But it's part of the process, truly. 

Q: What genre is your novel? 

A: YA romantic comedy. :)

Q: Are there any traditions you or your family celebrate for Latinx Heritage Month?

A: Hmm... We don't reside in the US, so not really!

Q: I must say I don’t know a lot about the Latinx culture, so is there something that you find I might find interesting to know?

A: There isn't such a thing as the Latinx culture as a monolith, and I guess that's what makes Latinx cultures so rich. We speak a myriad of languages, are from the two different hemispheres, all across time zones, ethnicities, and experiences. As a Brazilian, one of the things I love most about my culture is the food!

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