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Monday, July 13, 2020

Author Q&A: Megan Goldin on The Night Swim

Q: How did you end up choosing The Night Swim as the title of this book?

A: Usually I have a pretty good idea of my book titles, but with this one I had writer's block. I could not for the life of me think of a title that worked for me. Maybe I was too close to the story as it was in many ways a labor of love. Fortunately, I have a brilliant team of publishers at St. Martins and they came up with the title and the stunning cover.
Q: The cover is colorful, but bold, especially after one has read the book. What was your process in creating this cover? 

A: Generally the publisher comes up with the cover and the author approves it. I knew the cover would be something special but I was blown away by what their talented design team came up with.

Q: I’ve not read many thrillers that involve a podcasting element as part of the plot. Were you worried that this inclusion would effect the book’s ratings? 

A: I tend to think about the best way of telling the story and for me, for this book, it made perfect sense to write part of the novel as a podcast. This is especially the case because the main character is a podcaster. I'm a huge podcast fan and I used to work as a radio reporter so I had great fun writing these chapters.

Q: The Night Swim covers some tough topics, but most importantly that of violent sexual assault. Why did you feel it was important to not shy away from this issue when so many other authors would?

A: It's a really serious issue and I felt that it needed to be treated with the seriousness that it deserved both in how I wrote those actual scenes and how I covered sexual assault in the novel. This was very important to me and I spent considerable time writing and editing these sections. They were harrowing to write and then review in the editing process but I felt obliged to get it right.

Q: Was there any research involved when writing the parts involving the assault to ensure that the character’s emotions were true to victims of these situations?

A: Yes, I researched the issue extensively and I did my best to do an accurate rendering of all aspects of the subject.

Q: There’s no doubt that Jenny is my favorite character in this novel; she’s admirable, brave, self-sacrificing, among other qualities. Did you ever have any alternate fates for her story? 

A: Jenny is one of my favorite characters too! When I write, I tend to let the characters lead me through the story rather than allow myself to think too much about what direction I would like to take and so in many ways the story wrote itself and I was powerless to change it! 

Q: I was shocked by who the culprit ended up being. Did you ever have another character in mind as the villain? 

A: see above.


  1. I really wanna read this book. I love it when an author does research well and it seems like she did it with this one. So great!

    1. I hope you're able to read it soon; I'm certain you will love it!


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