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Saturday, May 2, 2020

Special Guest Saturday: Meet Trish!

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27 year old Canadian. Cat lady. Love winter, hate summer. 1w2 enneagram. Loves reading thrillers, hates watching horror movies 🤷🏻‍♀️. I read while taking baths to feel like a French aristocrat. I bake because punching people is frowned upon.

Q: How long have you had your bookstagram account?

A: I have had my account since January 2nd, 2019!

Q: When did you start feeling comfortable opening up to strangers on this platform about mental health?

A: Within the first month, I think. I'm pretty open about my struggles with mental health in general, but I've always felt more comfortable talking to strangers about it than people who know me well.

Q: As a lover of your “Self Care Saturdays,” how did you come about incorporating this into your account?

A: I started by asking my few followers at the beginning if they wouldn't mind me posting about things other than books, and the poll suggested they didn't mind that. So my first self-care post (which I don't think was posted on a Saturday) really just outlined the kinds of things they could expect from those posts. And then it I liked the alliterative of self-care Saturday, so it just progressed from there.

Q: Which mental health conditions do you struggle with?

A: I have been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, OCD, depression, and pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder (which has physical symptoms, but does affect mental health as well).

Q: What methods do you use to combat them?

A: Right now, I take Zoloft daily (if you can't make your own neurotransmitters, store-bought is fine 😄). I've done therapy on and off since I was 14, but I'm currently not seeing a therapist. I practice mindfulness, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. And of course, self-care has been integral to my treatment.

Q: Has anyone personally reached out thanking you for addressing your own mental health struggles and promotion of self-care?

A: I can't think of anyone specifically, but I do remember a few comments thanking me for talking about my anxiety. I love the comments that people leave when they tell me that my self-care posts reminded them to do some self-care.

Q: For those struggling with their own mental health issues, what’s some advice that you’d give them if they happen to be reading this post?

A: I saw a quote once that said "you've survived every bad day so far" and I like to remind myself of that when I'm particularly anxious. So that's what I'd tell them. If you've survived it before, you can survive it again.


  1. Trish, it's great that you're so open about mental health. I've been struggling with it as well so that's really nice to see. :)


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