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Saturday, May 9, 2020

Special Guest Saturday: Meet Adah!

Check out her Bookstagram!
My name is Adah but you might know me as ablondebookishgirl on Instagram! I’m a book/lifestyle blogger on Instagram and my blog I’m incredibly passionate about mental health and body positivity. I love being able to connect with people over our shared love of literature and life and I feel so blessed to have a platform where I can talk about mental health and help remove the stigma around mental illness.  Besides reading, I love baking, drinking coffee, and cleaning!

Q: How long have you been present on Bookstagram?

A: Since September 2019!

Q: I’ve grown to love your acknowledgement of mental health issues, including your own. Has anyone contacted you about the impact you’ve had on him/her?

A: A few people have and it’s so rewarding knowing that by sharing my story I can help someone feel less alone in their mental health journey.

Q: Self-care can be hard for some to start including in their routine. Do you have any tips for someone wanting to include this in their daily life?

A: Remind yourself that you deserve the time and energy. No matter what you did or didn’t do every day you deserve to take care of yourself. Start small with something like making (or ordering) your favorite dinner and drinking a glass of wine with it without guilt. Take a shower or bath with that fancy body scrub you avoid using because it was expensive. Spend an evening off your phone doing something you want to do. Take a walk. Get dressed. Take a shower. Go to bed on time. Self care isn’t just the big things, it’s the little things you do for yourself every day.

Q: Is there any books you’ve read that cover topics about mental well-being that you’d recommend others to read?

A: I really loved the book Beauty Sick, it left me with a lot to reflect on about our beauty standards as a society and how that impacts our mental health. I also love anything by Brene Brown. Braving the Wilderness left my shook and sobbing! It was so life changing for my mental health!

Q: Last, but not least have you stumbled across any book characters that you related to when it comes to mental health conditions?

A: Occasionally I do but unfortunately I don’t see characters with depression or anxiety or body images struggles very often. I’d love to read more about characters with these struggles without the struggles being the entire plot point. Often when there is a character with depression or a mental illness the whole book is about overcoming the mental illness and not about a character with a mental illness doing something else. It often is completely tied to the characters identity in a book and I think people who struggle with a mental illness are more than their illness, do things beyond just struggling with mental illness, and should be represented as so in literature too.


  1. I just followed her on instagram. Mental health is so important!

    1. Yay! I'm glad I could introduce you to a new face!


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